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Mondo Porno Al Prazolamb is one of the world's greatest porn directors anditonight his life and work is being honored on Mondo Porno, the cable show devoted entirely to the fine art of adult entertainment. The only problem is that Al Prazolamb (Joel Lawrence) doesn't exist-except in this hilarious spoof of arts & entertainment show that peddle in the puffery of putting actors and directors on pedestals. With Tina Tyler playing the unctuous hostess Jane Lifson, no sacred cow goes unslaughtered as award-winning director Antonio Passolini pokes fun at the adult industry as well as the world of high-brow cable entertainment. In the process, he packs in a veritable slew of torrid sex scenes that will leave no viewer unsatisfied and every legal sexual desire fully sated! Hilarious, hot and dead-on in its parodies, Mondo Porno is Passolini's finest work to date - one that will leave you both in stitches and 100% sexually gratified. The life and times of the world's greatest porn director... who doesn't exist!

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